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Client Approach

You are not just a customer and you are more than a homeowner. You are a client.  You have specific needs, particular requirements, and ideal wants.  You have budgets and timelines to meet and quality expectations you wish to exceed.  Middleton Contracting’s dedicated and rigorous approach to service and quality will ensure your satisfaction.  Every project, regardless of size, moves through 4 key phases:

  1. Needs Analysis – Middleton will walk through your home with you, listening to your needs, wants, and requirements and ask specific questions designed to solicit a refinement of your vision. 

  2. Planning and Design - Once your project’s vision and related scope are set, the Middleton team will go about working with you on specific design choices.  With two decades of area construction experience, Middleton has strong partnerships and relationships with area designers and suppliers.  Once your design specifications and choices are determined, Middleton will put together a specific project plan and estimate.

  3. Development and Construction - When your project plan and cost are agreed to, work begins.  Middleton understands and recognizes the stress and inconvenience a renovation or build can create.  Your team will work diligently to keep you informed as well as involved in every step of construction. 

  4. Evaluation and Sign-off - As your project moves out of development and construction, your Middleton team will ensure quality of the end result.  You will be consulted regarding any final punch-list and ultimately sign-off of completion of the project.

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