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Mike Middleton's father managed a bank where he had a nice office complete with a nice window view. At a point in Mike's late teens he knew what he wanted to do with his life. He didn't just have a job idea born from a career fair - he knew from within his soul what he wanted to dedicate his life to. "Dad," he said, pointing out his father's office window, "You are happy with a job where you can look at that gorgeous view every day. But I'll only be happy if I'm out there, building it." 

Twenty years later Mike's now held just about every job at every level in the construction, contracting, and design industry from literally rolling up his sleeves in laborer positions to running commercial and residential crews to overseeing high end design, renovation, and new build projects.

As call after call poured in not just to the respective companies he worked at but for Mike specifically, he realized his earlier childhood vision was literally and figuratively calling. With his deep experience spanning two decades supplemented by a Bachelors degree in Construction Management and an MBA he knew the time was right. Mike founded Middleton Contracting in 2016 almost immediately jumping into the upper echelon of Baton Rouge's top builders' lists.

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